A limited submission is a funding opportunity in which the sponsor restricts the number of applications or proposals that can be submitted by each institution. Sometimes the sponsor invites applications from a specified component of the institution, e.g. one submission per medical school, two submissions per dental school, or three submissions per medical center.

Special rules apply to all limited submission applications. The rules are designed to optimize Loma Linda University’s success in these submissions.

The Process

For Public and Private Sponsors that Have Funding Opportunities with Fixed Deadlines

The sponsor gives each institution the responsibility of reviewing and selecting the proposals that will be submitted to the sponsor. At LLU, the relevant administrator (Dean, CEO of Medical Center) will determine the process for preparing the submission(s). Contact the office of the Dean or CEO for:

*Note to school administrators: Submit information regarding your institution's limited submissions process

Investigators may propose a limited submission to the relevant office, but may not submit the proposal without the appropriate authorization. A committee may be appointed by a dean or CEO to evaluate and rank proposed submissions.

For Sponsors that Do Not Have Fixed Deadlines (e.g. Foundations):

Foundations that do not have announced deadlines may consider appropriate applications that are compatible with the portfolio of the foundation. All such submissions by Loma Linda University and Medical Center are carefully coordinated through the Office of Philanthropy. Contact Philanthropy at 909-558-4997 (extension 44997).