The following informational audio tapes, video tapes, and books are available at Research Administration and may be checked out by University and Medical Center research personnel.

Getting Funded

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Clinical trials: recognizing and removing barriers to partnership

Conducting clinical trials: basic components of agreements and important legal issues

Introduction to the foundation world

Marketing the research unit

The Flip Side of Federal Agency Policy Changes (1998)

Introduction to Preparing NIH and NSF Budgets (1998)

In $earch of funding

Council for International Exchange of Scholars (1999 funding priorities, proposal strategies)

Environmental Protection Agency (1999 funding priorities, proposal strategies)

National Institutes of Health, Behavioral Science Support (1999 funding priorities, proposal strategies)

National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Education (1999 funding priorities, proposal strategies)

National Science Foundation, NSF CAREER Awards (1999 funding priorities, proposal strategies)

U.S. Department of Agriculture, Cooperative State Research Education and Extension Service(1999 funding priorities, proposal strategies)

U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (1999 funding priorities, proposal strategies)

W.K. Kellogg Foundation (1999 funding priorities, proposal strategies)

The Foundation Directory
Published annually. Includes foundations making grants of at least $100,000 annually or having assets of at least $1 million.

National Directory of Corporate Giving
Profiles corporate giving programs; includes companies that have established corporate foundations, as well as those that manage corporate giving programs directly.

National Guide to Funding in Aging
Profiles public and private utilities that fund programs in the field of aging. Profiles are listed by state. Also contains indexes that cross-tabulate grant data in various ways.

Foundation Grants to Individuals
Profiles 2600 independent and corporate foundations that make grants to individuals rather than institutions; includes indexes by subject area, types of support, and geographic area.

Guide to California Foundations
Profiles foundations in this state in alphabetical order. Also contains indexes to facilitate topical searches.

Get Funded! by D. Schumacher, 1992
A practical guide for scholars seeking research support from business. Author addresses the paradigm of approaching corporate support compared to routine grant mechanism from government agencies and foundations.

Grant Application Writer's Handbook, 2d edition, by Reif-Lehrer, 1995
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Boston, 472 p.
Principles of proposal writing for both government agencies and private foundations, but focuses on the investigator-initiated research grant application (RO1) for the National Institutes of Health as the model for discussion purposes. The appendices contain valuable resource information: sample budget justifications, sample summary statements ("pink sheets") from reviewers, strategies for written and oral presentations, and a variety of resources such as software and publications.

Grant Proposals That Succeeded, by V. White
Noted grant expert includes in this compendium three research proposals, and RFP (contract) proposal, and three training grant requests, along with others. Applications are followed by objective critics about the strengths of both the negotiation and the application that contribute to success.

Government Contracts: Proposalmanship and Winning Strategies, by H. Holtz
Identifies basic elements of persuasive proposal writing in order to successfully compete for government contracts. Traces the development of a proposal from idea to final submission. For research as well as other projects.

The Proposal Writer's Swipe File
Actual copies 15 winning fund-raising proposals...prototypes of approaches, styles, and structures.