The LLU Transmittal is an internal routing form that includes:

  • key information about the PI and the project
  • key information about the sponsor, and
  • a list of questions to determine which, if any, specific approvals (related to partnerships/quality control or financial issues) may be required for the project. Some approvals are required at the time of award. Other approvals are required prior to submission. It is the investigator's responsibility to determine the time for specific approvals for the grant he/she is applying for.

To get required approvals, follow the LLU Transmittal Process:

At least 2 weeks before sponsor deadline:

Section I: Proposal Information
Section II: Partnership & Quality Control

At least 10 business days before sponsor deadline:

Section III: Budget Information & Key Words
Section IV: Research Conflict of Interest Disclosure

At least 5 business days before sponsor deadline:

Section V: Approvals

See Recommended Timeline for more information.

Note: All research and sponsored programs, whether privately or publicly funded, are subject to LLUH policy and procedure: Sponsored Project Proposal Review, which requires grants to be submitted in the name of Loma Linda University. The Vice President for Research Affairs or designee will sign on behalf of Loma Linda University.

At least 2 weeks before sponsor deadline:

Complete Sections I and II of the LLU Transmittal and submit this to Research Administration either by hard copy, fax, or by clicking on the "Submit by Email" button to email the form as an attachment (option available for those who have Adobe Professional installed on the computer).

Section I: Proposal Information: The PI provides the following information about the proposal:

Section II: Partnerships and Quality Control: Respond to all statements.

Inform and consult all collaborating entities. Obtain approvals that are required. Collaborations with institutions external to LLUAHSC will require a Subrecipient Commitment form or Letter of Intent from that institution.

  • Statements 2-5: If yes, obtain approval of the appropriate quality control committee (see responsible conduct of research) before commencing the project. Under Just in Time provisions NIH does not require these approvals prior to submission, but approvals are required before an award is made. Some sponsors require approvals before submission. If in doubt, contact Research Administration.
  • Statements 6-10: It is necessary to get official sign-off on collaborative partnerships outside of the PI's department or school, outside the PI's LLUAHSC entity, or outside the institution. This is to ensure that the expected resources/personnel from the other entity will be available for the project and that the partnership will not violate any institutional or governmental (state and federal) policy that governs research. Examples of collaborative partnerships that require specific approval when personnel or resources are involved include the following:
    • another academic institution;
    • the JL Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center;
    • another LLU school or department;
    • the LLUMC;
    • LLUAHSC institutes or centers, or LLUAHSC clinical practice groups (such as Faculty Physicians & Surgeons, Faculty Medical Group, and/or Legacy Corp.)
  • Statements 11-12: Regulation of Select Agents and Export Control is strictly enforced by the federal government. There are severe penalties for all individuals who violate these regulations. For assistance, contact Research Affairs - Research Integrity.
  • Statement 13: If yes, the proposal is subject to Executive Order 12372, a copy of the federal grant application must be submitted to the state government for review and comment.
  • Statement 14: If yes, contact Research Affairs - Technology Transfer before submission.
  • Statement 15: If yes, inform the Vice President for Research Affairs and obtain approval of the Stem Cell Research Oversight Committee before submission. Provide an additional copy of the proposal for SCRO committee review and a record of the provenance of stem cells to be used. Permission to use the cells in research must be obtained from the provider and appended to the proposal.
  • Statements 16-17: If yes, request department chair and dean to allocate necessary funds.

At least 10 business days before sponsor deadline

Complete Section III: Budget Information & Key Words. Submit the following items to Research Affairs - Financial Management:

  • The final budget and budget justification forms, including applicable subcontractor or sub-award budgets, work statements, letters of support, etc. All required forms and documentation are listed in the Proposal Budget Review Guide.
  • The LLU Transmittal form with Business Officer approval of budget

The PI's assigned Financial Analyst will initial and date the LLU Transmittal to approve the proposed budget. Note: Getting budget approval may depend on resolving any financial concerns or key budget issues.

Section IV: Research Conflict of Interest Disclosure(s). Anyone involved in the design, conduct, or reporting of the research must have a current conflict of interest disclosure on file in order for the PI to assure that all COIs have been disclosed. See Research Conflict of Interest for more information, or contact the RCOI administrative assistant at

Prior to 5 business days before sponsor deadline:

Section V: PI Approval and Assurance.

The PI signs and dates the first approval line to indicate that he/she has reviewed the proposal and approves of the activity and acknowledges his/her responsibility for implementing the University policies and guidelines which apply to the proposal and certifies that the statements in Section V are true.

Section V: Chair and Dean Approval; Partnership Approvals.

Submit a paper copy of the application and the LLU Transmittal form to the department chair or center director, then the school dean. These administrators will sign and date the LLU Transmittal to indicate administrative review and approval of the complete application.

Note: A signed LLU Transmittal is required for each LLU collaborator who is in a school other than the PI's school.

If the project involves collaboration or use of resources from another LLUAHSC entity (e.g. LLUMC, Legacy Corp., Institute, FP&G, FMG, or VAMC), the PI must also get the signature of the entity official, indicating that the proposed resources and/or personnel will be available.

Section V: Vice President for Research Affairs approval.

Submit the signed LLU Transmittal and the complete, final paper application (if paper submission) or electronic forms (if electronic submission) to Research Administration. Research Administration will obtain the VPRA's review and approval.

Note: Getting the VPRA's approval may also depend on resolving key financial issues and getting any remaining approvals related to partnerships or quality control issues.

Limited Submissions

limited submission is a funding opportunity in which the sponsor restricts the number of applications or proposals that can be submitted by each institution. Sometimes the sponsor invites applications from a specified component of the institution, e.g. one submission per medical school, two submissions per dental school, or three submissions per medical center.

Special rules apply to all limited submission applications. The rules are designed to optimize Loma Linda University’s success in these submissions.

The Process

For Public and Private Sponsors that Have Funding Opportunities with Fixed Deadlines

The sponsor gives each institution the responsibility of reviewing and selecting the proposals that will be submitted to the sponsor. At LLU, the relevant administrator (Dean, CEO of Medical Center) will determine the process for preparing the submission(s). Contact the office of the Dean or CEO for:

*Note to school administrators: Submit information regarding your institution's limited submissions process

Investigators may propose a limited submission to the relevant office, but may not submit the proposal without the appropriate authorization. A committee may be appointed by a dean or CEO to evaluate and rank proposed submissions.

For Sponsors that Do Not Have Fixed Deadlines (e.g. Foundations):

Foundations that do not have announced deadlines may consider appropriate applications that are compatible with the portfolio of the foundation. All such submissions by Loma Linda University and Medical Center are carefully coordinated through the Office of Philanthropy. Contact Philanthropy at 909-558-4997 (extension 44997).