Loma Linda University provides training to all personnel who use or care for animals. All personnel involved in the care and use of vertebrate animals must complete the required Animal Care and Use Training (ACUT) prior to initiation of the project. Enrollment in the Occupational Health and Safety Program is also required prior to having contact with the animals or their tissues.

The Use of Laboratory Animals in Research and Teaching module covers laws and regulations on handling various animal species, including small animals (rodents), large animals (rabbit, ferret, cat, dog, pig, sheep, goat, and calves), and primates. All individuals listed on IACUC protocols, such as those listed below, must complete the module that pertains to the species listed on their project's protocol.

  • Principal Investigators
  • Research Fellows
  • Technicians/Assistants
  • Students
  • Animal Care Technicians
  • Any individual involved in the design and implementation of research studies using laboratory animals.

Enrollment in a refresher course covering new developments and policies is required every three years. Other training, such as workshops on chemical hygiene, blood-borne pathogens, formaldehyde, etc., may be offered by the Environmental Health and Safety Department.

For more information regarding the IACUC's training requirements, please contact the ACF training coordinator at x44316.