Loma Linda University requires everyone who performs research with human subjects to complete "basic training" regarding the regulatory environment and ethics of such research. For each research study that requires IRB review, IRB will only release the approval for the study once all persons involved in the design, conduct, or reporting have completed this training. To avoid delay in the study, please see the following instructions designed to help you obtain certification.

Three training options are available:

Option 1

Complete the online CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) program.

CITI Collaborative Insitutional Training Initiative
See the LLU CITI Training Guide below

Length of Certification: 2 years.

Note: This option is not double the work of the next option, but has twice the expiration period. Therefore it's a better "deal" time-wise.

Who can take this training:

You can select from three tracks that differ in subject matter emphasis:

  • Biomedical Research
  • Social/Behavioral Research
  • Data/Specimens only Research

To avoid inadvertently doing the wrong training or more than is required, please navigate the site's menus and instructions carefully, as explained in the following guide :

CITI Collaborative Insitutional Training Initiative

The LLU CITI Training Guide

Option 2:

Complete the "Human Participant Protections Education for Research Teams,"
a web-based program offered by the National Institutes of Health.
Click to follow the link:
Human Participant Protections Education for Research Teams

Length of Certification: 1 year

Who can take this training:

This training is most appropriate for those doing biomedical research that involves living persons as subjects (not just data). Although especially relevant to clinical research, the principles taught in this course are broad enough to apply to any human subjects research.

PLEASE NOTE: Institutional policy requires a "HOLD" to be placed on study approvals until documentation of required training has been provided for all personnel listed on the study application.

For this online training from National Institutes of Health, NO automatic notification of completion goes to Research Affairs; YOU have to provide that notice, or the "HOLD" will not get cleared and study approval might be tragically delayed!

If you complete this training, please BE SURE TO GET the CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION that is provided on the NIH's website and SUBMIT IT:

  • by email attachment to the Research Education Coordinator ; or
  • in person, or by inter-campus mail to Research Protections Programs ("IRB", University Arts Bldg); or
  • by FAX, to Research Integrity: x80577 ((909) 558-0577).

For problems, questions, special issues, or expedited handling, please call the Research Education Coordinator.

Option 3:

Coursework for Enrolled Students

Some courses require completion of one of the online options discussed above. Others include an "IRB 101" lecture presentation given during a class session. Before a lecture presentation can satisfy the requirements for Basic certification, the presentation must include an evaluation component (test) and be approved by the Research Education Coordinator. Ask the Coordinatorif the presentation is currently approved.

Length of Certification: In-class "IRB 101" training is valid for 1 year. The online training options are valid as listed above.

Basic Certification Training Tips

  • Allow at least 1-2 hours to complete either of the online training options listed above (NIH and CITI).
  • CITI typically takes longer than NIH, but not twice as long even though worth double the "credit."
  • Neither online program has to be completed in one sitting since they let you go out and come back again where you left off.
  • Online training can be frustrating if something goes wrong at the set-up stage, so please save yourself the aggravation and contact the Research Education Coordinatorif you are uncertain at any point what to do.