Apply for the prime award according to guidelines outlined in the Grants Guide.

At the proposal stage:

  • Request that the external collaborator complete a Subrecipient Commitment form. This form includes:
    • a subaward budget and justification;
    • a statement of intent signed by the subcontractor's authorized official;
    • a copy of the F&A rate agreement (if applicable);
    • a scope of work statement; and
    • other compliance information need to process the proposal.

  • Notify Research Affairs - Financial Managementthat subaward expenses will be included in the budget. The PI's assigned Financial Analystwill assist the PI in obtaining any other necessary documents.
  • Follow the Recommended Time linefor getting this information.

At the submission stage:

At the Award stage:

  • Financial Management will review the award with the PI and finalize the budget for the sub-award
  • The PI will work with the Financial Management Contracts Analystto issue a sub-contract to the collaborator.
  • The PI will be responsible for monitoring the subcontractor's workfor the duration of the project.
  • The PI will also be responsible for following the applicable close out procedureswhen the project is over.

When LLU is the grantor of a sub-award, the following terms and conditions apply:

In addition to the terms and conditions in the sub-award agreement, the subrecipient must follow all the terms and conditions of the prime award to LLU. The PI's assigned Financial Analyst will assist the PI in understanding these. The PI will be responsible for monitoring the subrecipient's compliance with all applicable regulations and with LLUAHSC policies and procedures, including policyand procedure(H-09): Policies Governing Subcontracts on Sponsored Projects.