Apply for the sub-award (to be included in the granting institution's prime award proposal):

At the Proposal Stage:

  • Draft a subrecipient (or subcontract) budget.
  • Create a proposal package containing:
    • A letter of intent, biosketch, statement of work, and information relevant to the PI's role in the project
    • Information from the granting institution: prime sponsor's name and type of grant, funding announcement, PI's name and title, institution's name an location, project title, project period, abstract, performance site(s), and list of key personnel
    • LLU Transmittal
    • Subaward Budget

At the Submission Stage:

  • Get required approvals as part of LLU standard review process for all awards. These approvals should be obtained well in advance of the sponsor's deadline, so that the proposal package can be submitted to the granting institution in time to meet its own internal deadlines.
  • The LLU PI submits the sub-award proposal package to the granting institution to be included in the prime award proposal.

At the Award stage:

  • Once the prime award is made, the granting institution will issue a sub-award, usually by means of a sub-contract, to Loma Linda University.
  • The LLU PI may then start work and spending funds.

When LLU is the Subrecipient, the Following Terms and Conditions Apply:

In addition to the terms and conditions in the sub-award agreement, LLU must follow all terms and regulations specified in the prime award to the granting institution.