Disclose the invention to the Loma Linda University Office of Research Affairs using the Invention Disclosure Form. This form is a written statement describing the new invention and documenting the circumstances of its development. The disclosure also identifies potential uses and products and what companies might be interested in licensing the invention, if that information is known.

The disclosure form helps the institution begin the process of evaluating the commercial potential for the intellectual property and complies with the obligations of the Bayh-Dole Act.

“Disclosure” to LLU does not, by itself, protect the intellectual property of the invention. Only a patent or a copyright can do that. Also, disclosure to LLU is confidential; it is not a public disclosure. A disclosure to a person or company outside LLU is a public disclosure, unless you have a Confidential Disclosure Agreement.

The disclosure form will be forwarded to Research Affairs - Technology Transfer. The Technology Transfer Director will begin the LLU Review and Approval process.

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