We work with LLU inventors to assess business opportunities, identify the appropriate markets for your technology and content, and create strategic technology management plans to bring LLU inventions into use.

When possible, and in addition to marketing individual technologies, we will bundle similar technologies and market them together to maximize exposure to potential licensees.

Looking for Licensing Partners
Marketing-Related Agreements

Positioning inventions where no relationship or market exists

Looking for Licensing Partners

We spend considerable time and resources looking for and contacting the best possible licensing partners. Research Affairs - Technology Transfer uses several marketing activities to spread the word about available LLU technologies, to increase their contacts and to stay up-to-date on industry developments. These activities include attending tradeshows and professional meetings, making calls and sending materials, and producing promotional material.

Our best marketing tool is YOU

Our efforts can be considerably improved by your knowledge of the technical field, market, potential commercial applications of the technology and specific companies that might be interested in the invention. Therefore we welcome your partnership in devising the best marketing strategies for your invention.

Many strategies: one goal

RATT offers many strategies with one aim: helping you develop and sustain the business potential for your technology while enhancing your reputation and that of Loma Linda University.

Here are just a few of the tools we use to actively promote available technologies that arise from LLU research:

  • An Available LLU Technologies website (coming soon)
  • Proactive inquiries to potential customers and licensees
  • Networking with the investment community
  • Technology showcase events

Once a potential corporate partner is identified for a technology, a Confidential Disclosure Agreement is used to protect the confidentiality of any non-public information. Material Transfer Agreements may be used to provide companies with certain rights to use the technology for short term evaluation purposes only. License Option Agreements reserve the right of a company to negotiate a commercial license. Options may be stand alone agreements negotiated directly through Technology Transfer, or they may be clauses contained in other agreements, such as sponsored research agreements or the above pre-licensing agreements.

If intellectual property is developed by more than one institution, an Inter-Institutional Agreement is often negotiated to set out the terms under which the two universities will cooperate to assess, protect, market, license and share revenues from the jointly-owned property.

Positioning Inventions Where No Relationship or Market Exists

Many LLU inventions are on the cutting edge and well in advance of the state of the industry and the needs of the marketplace. This makes it more challenging to find a licensing partner willing to invest the upfront funds needed to bring it to market. Sometimes, the market is not ready for licensing opportunities until years after an invention has been disclosed and patented.

In cases where a researcher does not have an established relationship with potential companies or knowledge of the marketplace, we will work with you to identify the possible channels for developing interest in and a market for your invention. Among the channels we look at are:

  • possible exclusive licensing partners;
  • non-exclusive licensing programs (including end-user licenses);
  • LLU-distribution and fulfillment activities;
  • facilitating angel- or venture capital-financed startup formation; and
  • start-up formation for emerging bootstrap/lifestyle companies.

Assessing progress and changing directions

As the technology landscape shifts over time, commercialization opportunities may increase or decrease. We work with you to imagine not just the first deal, but develop a strategy that anticipates and responds to the fluctuations of demand and markets for the invention.