Loma Linda University requires everyone who performs research with human subjects to complete basic training regarding the regulatory environment and ethics of such research. For each research study that requires IRB review, IRB will only release the approval for the study once all persons involved in the design, conduct, or reporting have completed this training. To avoid delay in the study, please see the following instructions designed to help you obtain certification.

Two training options are available:

Option 1:

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Human Participant Protections Education for Research Teams

Complete the "Human Participant Protections Education for Research Teams," a web-based program offered by the National Institutes of Health.

This initial trainingis worth a one-year certification. Upon successful completion of this convenient course, please be sure to print out the completion certificate when offered as this must be provided to Sponsored Research to help assure proper credit.

You may also fax a copy of your completion to 909-558-0577.

Option 2:

CITI Collaborative Insitutional Training Initiative
See the LLU CITI Training Guide below

Complete the online CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative) program.

This initial training is worth two years of certification (which means your next continuing education won't be due until two years from your completion of this course).

For this alternative, you need to select one of the CITI BASIC courses. Depending on the kind of research in which you plan to be involved, there are different BASIC courses concentrating on biomedical, or social-behavioral, or data/specimen only research. This site contains other resources as well. To avoid inadvertently doing the wrong training or more than is required, please navigate the site's menus and instructions carefully, as explained in the following guide:

CITI Collaborative Insitutional Training Initiative
The LLU CITI Training Guide

Initial Certification Training Tips

  • Both training options listed above are available online. Allow at least one to two hours to complete.
  • Option 2 typically takes longer that Option 1, but not twice as long even though worth double the credit.
  • Neither program has to be completed in one sitting since they let you go out and come back again where you left off.
  • Online training can be frustrating if something goes wrong at the set-up stage, so please save yourself the aggravation and contact the Research Education Coordinator if you are uncertain at any point what to do.

Special Notice Regarding Department of Defense (DoD) - Affliated Research

Research sponsored by the Department of Defense (DoD) involving collaboration with DoD or involving DoD facilities or personnel (military or civilian), is subject to additional special requirements. These include special protections for research participants, as well as additional review and reporting requirements for the investigator and IRB. Contact the Research Education Program Manager (jrkrausz@llu.edu; ext. 87463 ) to arrange for enhanced training of study personnel to address these requirements.