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Strategic Research Alliances (SRA) is a service of the Office of the Vice President for Research Affairs at LLUH to promote collaborative research between the educational and healthcare institutions operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church (SDA) around the world.

SRA will serve as a “One Stop Shop” for research-related services and support between LLUH and its global partners.

Mission: To further the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

Objectives: Awareness, Collaborative Research, Training (ACT)

Awareness: To create and increase awareness of research findings at LLUH among the Seventh-day Adventists worldwide.

Collaborative Research: To identify and engage with SDA researchers that are interested in collaborative projects with LLUH.

Training: Researchers that are interested in collaborating with LLUH need to be made aware of the research policies and practices of LLUH. The topics for training will include the following:

  • Research administration and organization of the research enterprise.
  • Responsible research: Human Subjects education, animal care and use, and research integrity.
  • Grants management: the role of the project management office in managing global research.
  • Proposal development and pre and post award processes.

Global Partners:

  • Medical Schools
  • Institutions of higher education
  • Healthcare institutions & systems

Grants for Research and School Partnerships International Grant

A GRASP International grant is to promote collaborative research and capacity building between LLUH faculty and professionals who have post-baccalaureate degrees and are employed by international SDA hospitals, medical centers, medical schools or universities.

Request for Applications for 2023 GRASP International Grant.

GRASP International Awardees


Pre Award

  • Funding Resources
  • Development of a budget
  • Development of a research plan
  • Submission of applications
  • Subcontracts Proposal Timeline

Post Award

  • Account Establishment
  • Project Management
  • Manage the Finances
  • Manage the Project
  • Closeout
  • Forms

Research Compliance

  • Human Research Protections
  • Animal Welfare Protections
  • Biosafety
  • Radiation Safety
  • Research Conflict of Interest
  • Integrity, Storage & Retention of Research Data
  • Transferring Research Data & Materials
  • Research with Human Stem Cells
  • Other Research Compliance Areas

Industrial Relations

  • Technology Transfer
  • Protecting an Invention
  • Marketing an Invention

Center for Data Sciences


Wesley James, MA, MPH, Manager
Strategic Research Alliances -