Applying to LLU's Privacy Board

(See also: The Human Studies Life Cycle)

The LLU IRB serves as the local Privacy in Research Board. Questions related to HIPAA requirements have been incorporated into the IRB application. Thus if your study is already being submitted to the IRB for approval, Privacy in Research issues will be reviewed concurrently and your approval will satisfy HIPAA requirements.

The LLU Investigator's Flowchart for Applying HIPAA to research

This diagram provides guidance for differentiating between the following categories of research: Use of PHI with Authorization, Decedents' Research, Preparatory Research, Waiver of Authorization, Limited Data Set, and De-Identified Data. The tools below are referenced in the Flowchart:

LLU Investigator's Guide to HIPAA

The Guide explains how to apply HIPAA regulations to research activities at Loma Linda University and all affiliated corporations within the LLU Health Science Center.
Special Considerations for Case Studies

Other HIPAA Forms

In case you require other forms in order to process a research request for use of Private Health Information, they may be conveniently accessed below:

Other Resources and Educational Information