Account Establishment

  1. Research Affairs - Post Award Assigns an Account Number
  2. Research Affairs - Post Award Allocates Awarded Budget
  3. Conflict of Interest Clearance: One of the required steps for opening an account is to obtain Conflict of Interest (COI) clearance. In fact, COI clearance for all personnel must be completed before a proposal is submitted to a sponsor. Post Award double-checks that this clearance has occurred before setting up the account. See the Research Conflict of Interest page for more information.
  4. Research Affairs - Post Award Sends Award Letter to PI: Post Award prepares and sends an itnernal award letter to the PI with the following information:
    • Project title and sponsor
    • Financial account number(s) for reference
    • Direct costs awarded
    • Budget period beginning and ending dates
    • PI special terms and conditions
  5. The PI Submits a Revised Budget
  6. The PI Submits a Detailed Budget for NIH Modular Award
  7. The PI Completes Forms: The PI also submits the following to Post Award to initiate spending:
  8. The PI Starts Work and StartsSpending Funds


Initiate Sub-awards or Subcontracts

The PI should contact Industrial Relations to activate completed sub-agreements.

Get Remaining Approvals for Responsible Conduct of Research

Before the PI begins work or spending funds, all remaining, required approvals for the Responsible Conduct of Research that were not obtained during the pre-award process must be in place. For example: COI, IRB, IAACC, IBC.