Research Affairs, Offices of Pre & Post Award

Pre Award

Cindy Dickson, Director, Pre Award  909-558-4571, ext. 44571

Daniel Ramon, Pre Award Specialist Sr.  909-558-3911, ext. 83911
Specializing in the following agency proposals: Federal (NIH, AHRQ, DOD, CMS, NASA, NSF, DHHS, HRSA, CDC) State, and local government grants.

Cindy Hernandez, Pre Award Specialist 909-558-5160, ext 55160
Specializing in the following agency proposals: Sub Awards, Foundations, Societies and Private grants; in addition, assistance with all pre award just-in-time material.

Post Award

Stacey Moya, Director, Post Award  909-558-9407, ext. 49407

Mariah Mendez, Post Award Specialist Sr. 909-558-7819, ext. 87819
Deanna Gameros, Post Award Specialist 909-558-7188, ext. 87188
Ruth DeVries, Post Award Specialist 909-558-8117, ext. 88117
Lori Albano-Duarte, Post Award Specialist 909-558-7820, ext. 87820
Jerry Jiang, Accountant 909-558-8214, ext. 88214
Adriana Constante, Administrative Secretary 909-558-2873, ext. 42873
Robin E. Bailey, Coordinator Pre & Post Award  909-558-4589, ext. 44589
Nicole Scott, Administrative Secretary 909-558-7822, ext. 87822

Strategic Research Alliances

Wesley James, Manager, 909-558-4018, ext. 44018