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Vice President for Research Affairs
Accreditation Coordinator
Wesley James

Electronic Research Specialist
Sherie Donahue

Research Proposal Advisor

Grant Pre-award Management
Cindy Dickson

Associate Vice President
Michael Kirby
Research Protection Programs
Linda Halstead

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Charles Ducsay

Institutional Review Board
Travis Losey

Financial Management
Aleta Savage

Pre-award Financial Planning

Post-award Financial Management

Award Close-out Management

Contract Analyst

Research Integrity
Janice Quick-Wolfe

Compliance Auditor

Research Conflict of Interest
Sandra Figueroa

Research Education Coordinator
JR Krausz

Technology Transfer
Eric Gosink

Recording and Patenting Inventions

Marketing and Licensing Inventions

Keeping Information Confidential
Confidential Disclosure Agreements

Transferring Research Materials
Material Transfer Agreements