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Animal Welfare Protections

Applying to LLU’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

IACUC-IBC-RSC Application Form 1/10 (doc)

Use this application to submit a protocol for animal research to the LLU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Also included are application questions for the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) if you are using biohazardous materials and questions for the Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) if you are using radioactive materials.

Authorship Guidelines

Authorship Guidelines

Authorship criteria administrative guidelines. Registration Registration Worksheet Registration Worksheet (pdf)

Use this worksheet to help determine whether your clinical trial must be registered with

Helpful Links & Tools for Registration

Contracts Guide

Transferring Research Data and Materials

Material/Data Transfer Agreements

Materials/Data Transfer Agreements (MTAs/DTAs) are used for incoming and outgoing materials/data of Loma Linda University to other research institutions, commercial companies, etc. MTAs/DTAs describe the terms under which LLU researchers and outside researchers can share materials/data, typically for research or evaluation purposes. Intellectual property rights can be endangered if materials/data are used without a proper MTA/DTA.

Helpful Links & Tools for Material/Data Transfer Agreements

Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements

Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements (CDAs), also referred to as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), allow Loma Linda University faculty to exchange confidential information with outside parties under obligations that protect and preserve the confidentiality of that information. Generally, CDAs are entered into for the purpose of exploring a potential research collaboration or license agreement.

CDA Request Form 

Sponsored Research Agreements describe the terms under which sponsors provide research and/or funding support to LLU.

Contract Request Form (pdf)

Contract Modification Request Form (pdf)

If you determine that a contract is the appropriate instrument to secure services, then this form must be completed and forwarded to the Contracts Analyst.

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Subcontract Request Form (pdf)

Subcontract Modification Request Form (pdf)

If you determine that a subcontract is the appropriate instrument to secure services, then this form must be completed and forwarded to the Contracts Analyst.

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Effort Reporting

Personnel Activity Reports (PARs)

Personnel Activity Reports (PAR) (xls)

This form, generated by University Payroll, lists the total activity for which the employee is compensated. Total activity is listed with the account numbers the employee is paid from in conjunction with the level of effort being paid from the different accounts or sponsored projects. The employee must evaluate the effort and accounts and determine is it is accurate or if changes need to be made according to what they actually spend their time (effort) on.

Affiliate Invoices & Effort Certification

Affiliated Invoices & Effort Certification (xls)

This document is used to certify effort for NON-University employees. Effort reporting systems have not been set up with the various Loma Linda affiliates such as Faculty Physicians and Surgeons, Loma Linda University Health Care, LLUMC, etc. Therefore, Affiliate Invoices & Effort Certification documents serve two purposes: 1) to certify employee effort, and 2) to reimburse the affiliated entity for the time the employee spends working on the project.

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Grants Guide -- Pre-Award

Find Funding

Instructions for Conducting SPIN and SMARTS Searches in LLeRA (pdf)

This document provides step by step guidance on how to search for funding using LLeRA. The LLeRA database includes funding opportunities from federal agencies, foundations, professional societies, associations, and corporations.

2 types of searches are described: SPIN (for immediate queries) and SMARTS (a saved query that can be sent on a daily basis).

Financial Management

Budget Development

Budget Planning Rate Guide (pdf)

This document summarizes important information to consider when drafting a budget for a sponsored research project, such as current F&A rates, fringe benefit rates, salary caps, tuition and health insurance rates for students and post-docs, etc.

Loma Linda University Federal Rate Agreement

Federally negotiated F&A and Fringe Benefit Rates

Budget Templates:

Detailed Budget -- This budget example breaks down the estimated project costs in detail. Detailed budget template are available for federal projects to help determine the costs of a project.

NIH Modular Budget – NIH does not require a detailed budget to be submitted if the project allows for modular budgeting. However, the institution does require detail for personnel and costs that are exempt from F&A. This budget lists personnel costs in detail (required by the institution) and summarizes the remaining costs.

Please note that subcontract direct and indirect costs are both charged as direct costs. However, the subcontract F&A costs may be requested above the normal $250,000 direct cost limit. NIH forms provide fields to separately capture consortium F&A costs for each budget year.Note, consortium/contractual F&A costs are not factored into the direct cost limit. They may be requested in addition to the $250,000 limit.

Clinical Trial Cost Budget – The clinical trial budget template is very detailed.

Budget Justification example

Proposal Budget Review Guide (pdf)

This document identifies the information and documents that will be required in order for Research Affairs - Financial Management (RAFM) to review and approve a proposal budget.

Subrecipient Commitment Form (pdf)

All subrecipients must complete this form when submitting a proposal to Loma Linda University. It provides a checklist of documents and certifications required by sponsors, as well as an area for the authorized institutional representative to sign. The completed form should be submitted to LLU Research Affairs Financial Management 5 working days before the sponsor deadline.

Subrecipient Financial Questionnaire (pdf)

Subrecipients not subject to an annual OMB A-133/Uniform Guidance audit must complete this form, in addition to the Subrecipient Commitment Form, when submitting a proposal to Loma Linda University. The form should be submitted to LLU Research Affairs Financial Management prior to the execution of a subaward agreement and/or amendment.

Helpful Links & Tools for Budget Development

Facilities & Administrative Cost Waiver Form

The F&A Waiver or Reduction form to request that the F&A rate on a sponsored research project be waived or reduced has been integrated into the eTransmittal within the electronic LLeRA record.

Helpful Links & Tools for F&A Costs

Cost Sharing

The Cost Sharing Authorization form to get authorization to include cost sharing as part of a sponsored research budge has been integrated into the eTransmittal within the electronic LLeRA record.

Helpful Links & Tools for Cost Sharing

Request for Pre-Award Spending

Request for Pre-Award Spending (pdf)

Use this form to open an account for spending award funds before the official award notice has been received.

Links to OMB Circulars

Helpful Links & Tools for Pre-Award Spending

Proposal Development

For the majority of submissions to federal sponsors via the portal, Loma Linda University uses the LLeRA  (Loma Linda electronic Research Administration) system-to-system (S2S) software. (Request LLeRA password)

Helpful Links & Tools for Proposal Development

Cover Sheet Information

SF424 Cover Sheet information

This web page summarizes the information commonly required on the NIH SF424 cover sheet (applicant information, employer identification number, organizational DUNS number, etc.) and other commonly required information on proposal applications.

A more detailed version is available for LLU investigators (must be logged into MyLLU).

LLU Transmittal

LLU Transmittal Form RA 1/17 (pdf)

When you plan to submit a sponsored research application or need assistance in starting a new record, you start with the LLU Transmittal. Fill in all the required sections on the first page, then submit to Research Administration either by hard copy, fax, or by clicking on the "Submit by Email" button to email the form as an attachment (option available for those who have Adobe Professional installed on the computer).

Always use the current version of the LLU Transmittal from the website instead of using one stored on a hard drive.

Helpful Links & Tools for the LLU Transmittal

Grants Guide -- Post-Award

Financial Management

Commonly used account codes (xls)

This lists the most commonly used account codes for grant and contract accounting. The full chart of account codes can be found by logging on to under Business/Finance, choose Forms & Docs, and then click on the Documentation folder.

Contractor vs Employee Status form 6.04.09 (pdf)

This form may be required by Human Resource Management when hiring a Consultant.

Equipment Release Authorization Form (pdf)

Before transferring, selling, re-assigning, or disposing of equipment bought with sponsored funds, you must submit this form, along a written request describing the intended action, to Sponsored Projects Financial Management.

Payment Voucher (xls) Use this form for:

  • Invoices when a purchase order is not applicable
  • Consultant/independent contractors for services up to $5,000 (also attach Contractor vs. Employee Status form)
  • Utilities, dues, memberships, subscriptions, postage, delivery charges, and other relatively small miscellaneous expenditures

Personnel Activity Reports (PARs) see Effort Reporting

Procurement Analysis Form

All sections must be completed for each equipment purchase in excess of $5,000. Check all that apply.

Request for Sponsored Project Access (xls) Use this form to add, modify, or delete users for:

  • signature authority on sponsored project accounts
  • Banner access, or
  • Animal Care Purchases
This form is required to transfer an expense from one account to another that has been posted over 90 days.

Human Research & Compliance

Applying to LLU's IRB

Determination Request

Checklists for Review

IRB Application

Privacy in Research (HIPAA)

Applying to LLU’s Privacy Board

Technology Management

Disclosing an Invention

LLU Invention Disclosure Form

Helpful Links & Tools for Invention Disclosure

Protecting an Invention

Confidential Disclosure Agreements

Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDA) protect the confidentiality of an invention as it is being evaluated by potential licensees. CDAs also protect proprietary information of third parties that LLU researchers need to review in order to conduct research or evaluate research opportunities. Research Affairs - Financial Management manages CDAs that are related to non-clinical research contracts.

Helpful Links & Tools for Confidential Disclosure Agreements

Licensing an Invention

License Agreements

License Agreements describe the rights and responsibilities of a party related to the use and exploitation of intellectual property developed at Loma Linda University. LLU license agreements usually stipulate that the licensee should diligently seek to bring the intellectual property into commercial use for the public good and provide a reasonable return to the institution.

License Option Agreements (or option clauses within research agreements) describe the conditions under which Loma Linda University preserves the opportunity for a third party to negotiate a license for intellectual property. Option clauses are often provided in a Sponsored Research Agreement to corporate research sponsors or are entered into with third parties wishing to evaluate the technology prior to entering into a full license agreement.

Helpful Links & Tools for Licensing an Invention

Inter-Institutional Agreements

Inter-Institutional Agreements describe the terms under which two or more institutions (e.g., between two universities) will collaborate to assess, protect, market, license and share in the revenues received from licensing jointly owned intellectual property.

Helpful Links & Tools for Inter-Institutional Agreements

Faculty Directory and Research Themes

Faculty Research Directory

The Taxonomy terms were used to create the Faculty Research Directory which is updated quarterly. The Directory is intended for use by our faculty, Research Affairs and external audiences to identify potential collaborators and to respond to questions about people working in various areas of science. 

The Research Themes were compiled in response to requests from Philanthropy and central administration. Grants, contracts and publications are tagged with one or more of these terms once a year.  Its purpose is to track the major areas of research effort in the institution. For more than five years we have tracked both publications and grants in these 15 areas. There is significant interest in continuing to use the themes for administrative purposes. Other than for illustrations, it was not designed for use by the faculty or people outside the institution.